5 Popular Books on Rummy Game

5 Popular Books on Rummy Game

Want to know more about rummy? Although there are several online resources to learn about rummy, the charm of holding a book in your hand and reading it page by page while you soak in the information is unbeatable. If you belong to the ‘old school’ of thought who believes that books cannot be replaced by anything, take a look at some of the interesting titles on Indian rummy that we bring exclusively to you. Hope you enjoy checking them as much as we did to compile them for you.

In no particular order, here is a list of 5 popular of books on rummy.

  • The Complete Book of Card Games – by Hervey George, George F Hervey and Peter Arnold

The book is a collector’s delight. With information on 100 entertaining card games, you learn the game in minutes and start playing immediately. The compilation of card games is according to the number of players starting with two-player card games like Cribbage and Pinochle, California Jack, and Honeymoon Bridge etc. There are four player games like Bridge, Canasta, and Hearts, to Calypso, and Quinto, and five or more players for games like Crazy Eights, Poker, and Rummy. You will also find information about party games too.

  • Official Rules of Card Games – by Albert H. Morehead


It is a simple reference book with complete rules on more than 300 popular card games including several variants of rummy. A comprehensive book with sections dedicated to topics like games for particular occasions, teaching cards to kids, etiquettes of card games etc. It includes information on basic rules of rummy variants such as 500 Rum, Gin Rummy, Contract Rummy, Canasta, etc.

  • Scarne’s Encyclopedia of Card Games – by John Scarne


This book in an all-inclusive guide to the various card games played in recent times. Considered to be a classic in its field, it includes games like Rummy, Canasta, Bridge, Whist, Cribbage, Blackjack, Solitaire etc. Right from histories to information on the variations of the popular card games, tips, and tricks – you will find all you need. It contains information about a lot of variants of the card games played especially in the US and also some of the card games invented by the author himself.

  • Hoyle’s Modern Encyclopedia of Card Games – by Walter B. Gibson

Considered to be a definitive guide for correct playing of all the popular card games, it is resplendent with full descriptions and detailed explanations of rules, the techniques involved in each game and their variations too. Popularly it is said that “According to Hoyle” is synonymous with correct in card table circuits.

  • Scarne on Cards – by John Scarne


Authored by the famous American magician who was an authority on playing cards, this book is about the rules and winning strategies for popular card games like poker, rummy, blackjack, pinochle, and other games. The most interesting aspect of this book is, perhaps, the author’s elaborate guiding principles and central strategies pivotal to your success in any card game you play.

Final thoughts

This next time, you ponder over some of the tips and tricks to help you with your Indian rummy game, don’t forget to own one of the above books and start playing Indian rummy online.

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