7 Top League of Legends Skins

7 Top League of Legends Skins

Since the League of Legends game was launched in 2009, thousands of skins have been made available and new ones are added monthly. They are used for changing the look, animation, spell and voiceover of your preferred champion. The first set of skins that were released aren’t as sophisticated as the current ones. This is because they have undergone a series of improvement by Riot over the years. If you want the best skins, then be ready to spend Riot Points. You can also get high quality smurfLoL account at smurfstore.live. The skins below are chosen based on different criteria like popularity, availability, style and graphics.

1.   Elementalist Lux

This skin has the ability to change into 10 different elemental forms that include Ice, Storm, Dark, Mystic and Magma. She was released in 2016 and costs a whopping 3250 RP. The good thing is that each form comes with better voiceovers, textures, animations and particle effects that depicts Lux’s magical elements.

2.   DJ Sona

DJ Sona is undoubtedly one of the favorite skins as we speak with a price of 3250 RP. Noticeable changes were made to her equipment and outfits, making it possible to switch them during a game. She sports three different music compositions for each stance, namely, Kinetic, Concussive and Ethereal. It is obvious that developers really invested time and effort into her design.

3.   Moo Cow Alistar

It came with last year’s April Fools collection. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the coolest and funniest skin so far. Seeing Alistar dressed up in a cow onesie pajamas with a cowbell makes it irresistible. The skin is popularly used by many players worldwide.

4.   Dunkmaster Darius

Some of the features that makes it a favorite are cool visuals, new animations and sound. It was introduced in October 2017 and you can get it in the store for 1820 RP. After the makeover, his axe was replaced with a huge basketball hoop. He now carries a ball around for shooting hoops. One unique thing about the legendary Dunkmaster Darius is that he does a slam dunk immediately he ultimate.

5.   Pulsefire Caitlyn

Prior to her release, only one Pulsefire skin known as PulsefireEzreal was available. Pulsefire Caitlyn’s outfit is simply outstanding and has an energy cannon. She features an array of custom animations that makes her worth 1820 RP.

6.   God First Lee Sin

Thousands of fans fell in love with this skin as soon as it was released last year. The animations and particles are of very high quality. Apart from that, the skin features enhanced design, movement, personality with new voice lines and voiceovers. You can get it in the store for 1820 RP.

7.   Project YI

This skin was debuted in September 2015. It’s among one of the best from the series of Project skins. Features like an energy sword, new voiceover and a chic power armor makes it unique. During ultimate, the form of Yi’s sword transforms to glaive. Once this happens, he will keep attacking enemies in a different way.

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