Bean Bag Games Are Fun

For those of you who remember the bean bag game from your childhood, do you remember how much fun it was? You probably played it in grade school in physical education class. You might have even played it at birthday parties and other get-togethers when you were younger. If you haven’t played it in a long time or you’ve forgotten how much fun it was, you need a reminder of the simple enjoyment that you and your family and friends can have when you play the bean bag game. For those of you who don’t know or have forgotten, the bean bag game is very simple. It has a small board, about two feet by three feet, that has a hole in it. The weighted cloth bags that come with a bean bag game set are tossed toward the hole and if they go in they are worth points. Bags that land on the board but don’t go in the hole are also worth points, but just not as many. If the bags don’t hit the board or if they fall off after landing, they aren’t worth any points at all. The first person (or team) to twenty-one points wins.

One of the reasons that the bean bag game is so much fun is that almost anyone can play it. People who are very young can enjoy it because the rules aren’t hard to follow. People who are much older, even elderly family members, can also have a great time with it because they know that the game isn’t something that’s physically demanding. You don’t have to be in great shape to play the game. You only have to be ready to have fun with your friends and your family members, no matter what the occasion. The bean bag game can be played at birthday parties, barbecues, tailgating parties, and anywhere else that family and friends come together to enjoy one another’s company. As long as there is a place to play the game and the weather is good, it can be a lot of fun. Some people even have tournaments for the bean bag toss, and it is often also called the Cornhole game. There is some disagreement as to whether these games are actually both the same. Die-hard fans of the game will say that the Cornhole game is played on a board that is two feet by four feet and the bean bag game – or bean bag toss – is played on a board that is two feet by three feet.

However, some of the Cornhole players also use the smaller board because it’s easier to transport, so whether it’s the same game can still be debated. No matter what you want to call the game, though, the enjoyment of it is the thing that matters. Because young and old can get together and play the game, it’s hard not to have fun with it. Backyard barbecues and other parties are great times to add the bean bag game to your list of games to play so that everyone can enjoy their time with each other.

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