Call of Duty Black Ops – truly a relationship killer – Healing Message in a Bottle

Call of Duty: Black Ops – truly a relationship killer.

On November 9th, Call of Duty:Black Ops arrived, and let me tell you its been a blast playing the campaign and zombie features. Endless hours of multi player, new and old friends having hours and hours of fun.
What these video game companies should call these great games are relationship killers, after hours of game play and wonderful enjoyment, I forgot the most great person in my life.
She has not spoken to me since Nov 9th – thank you Call of Duty Black Ops.
I might be special forces in the game but at home I am in the dog house and sleeping on the couch. what do I do.
Flowers thats what I will do I will send here flowers and all will be forgiven, only problem is flowers soon die and she seems to forget the kind gesture as soon as they are in the trash.
Chocolates, yes, that will be me off the couch and back into the bedroom. Then I will have to hear her complain how the chocolate went from the box to her hips and she has to do extra jogging because of me and I am back on the couch
What about a nice card and a gift card to Starbucks or her favorite restaraunt, again as soon as the card is in the trash and the gift card, I am back in the dog house.

Call of Duty:Black Ops I love you, but my special someone hate me because of you.

What about a great gift, and a wonderful message all in one, a message in a bottle, I can customize it my way, send a special message to them, they will proudly display it in the bedroom or at the office. Every time they gaze upon it they shall remember the emotion, the moment, and forget about the Call of Duty Black Ops. I will be back in the bedroom and they will
forget all about everything, everytime they see their special Message in a Bottle

Whenever you are feeling down,
Please close your eyes and feel
The hug within this bottle
That you have just unsealed.

The magic in this piece of glass
Will never dissipate.
If countless times you open it,
It’s charm won’t deviate.

So place it in the window
Or near your favorite chair,
And use this never-ending hug
Whenever life’s not fair.

Let the unseen magic
Place you in my warm embrace.
The tears that shine within your eyes,
It will – with smile – replace.

This message, fairly simple, says
You know when times are rough,
The miracle within this glass
Will be there, sure enough.

Know that I am always with you, in both good times and bad.

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