Doritos and Buzz Promoting – Asylum 626 vs Hotel 626…Which 1 does produce far more excitement?

Doritos and Buzz Promoting – Asylum 626 vs Hotel 626…Which 1 does produce far more excitement?

If you survived the advergame Hotel 626 launched by Doritos in 2008, you might want to check your psychological sanity with their new opus: Asylum 626. I published a post earlier this year which illustrated the momentum constructed by Hotel 626 in excess of the months. The interactivity (webcam, microphone) is bolstered with the integration of Facebook and Tweeter attributes.

Crucial Dimensions
Resources:, November 2009
– # of search outcomes: World-wide-web: 37 a hundred, Illustrations or photos: 2 970, Video clip: 20
– #of backlinks pointing to the web page: 8 750 (raw details)
– Interval: September to November 2009

Asylum 626 vs Hotel 626 – Lookup outcomes comparison
Initially 10 months just after the start (2009 vs 2008)
Asylum 626 vs Hotel 626 Web traffic comparison Comparison of referencing results - Asylum 626 vs Hotel 626

Principal highlights
Asylum 626
has relished a bigger visibility just after 10 months than Hotel 626. This outcome could be defined by the enormous achievements of the Doritos’ advergame right until now. A url major to Asylum 626 is on the property site of the model web page and on the Hotel 626 mini-web page.

The model has utilized smartly item packaging and well-liked social media:
– The new game was declared on packaging of 2 products and solutions
– A trailer published on YouTube (on Sep. 15th) activated really the Word of Mouth.
A good use of Twitter. 7 817 tweets for Asylum vs 1 138 for Hotel 626 (source: Topsy).
Facebook assistance would seem to be far more restricted as a Asylum software accounts for 132 enthusiasts vs three 186 for Hotel 626 (…just after 1 year). Doritos formal site did not make a significant function out of their new advergame.

It might have been supported by a particular PR campaign to community forums and blogs as this classification represents a bigger portion of the search outcomes in comparison to Hotel 626. Comments are typically particularly beneficial.

I could see some strategies from the Doritos internet marketing approach:
– Create connections across on-line and offline internet marketing channels
– Continue to keep an excellent excellent of execution
Capitalize on a achievements but bring some novelty
Smart usage of social media in tune with the brand’s viewers

We would see in the coming months the progress of the word-of-mouth. Right after the start, it will be exciting to seem at articles generated by consumers. However, the major issue stays if Doritos sold far more crakers with this campaign.

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