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The PSP (short for PlayStation Portable) that is released and manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment is one of the hottest handheld game console. The Sony PSP is a great handheld gaming console, not only because it is basically a handheld PlayStation 2 with powerful graphics, but because of all the other value-added features it comes with, namely the photo viewer, the audio player, and video player. With its powerful functions, you can play excellent games as well as watching movies, browsing images and enjoying the music.

There is a time you may meet an error when you are playing the PSP. The error is a code that is almost impossible to understand. Here is a list of error codes and it may help.

UUKN9000001 = The update cannot be started. The data is corrupted. (Caused by modifying data in official upgrade files)

FFFFFED3 = unknown (might be decryption error)

ffffffff = PSP update failed

80000025 = The system cannot be updated. the update program is not applicable for the system.

80010002 = The game could not be started (e.g. Run PSP Radio and Rin GB Emulator under version1.5)

80010013 = device / media not found (The memory stick may be damaged)

80010087 = The game could not be started

8001B002 = unknown

80020001 = kernel errors

80020001 = generic kernel error (default)

800200D9 = failed to allocate the memory block

800200E4 = The game could not be started

80020130 = file read error

8002032c = unknown (Try to run high version game or custom program for 2.xx under version1.5)

80020148 = PRX type unsupported

800244C = kernel errors

80100D00 = The Channel could not be added (Adding RSS in browser)

80110305 = Load failed. The Memory Stick” could not be accessed.

80110482 = occurs when test of wlan infrastructure connection fails.

80220087 = unknown

80220180 = Format failed.

80410001 = network errors

80410410 = Cannot connect to the given access point

80410A0B = Internal Error

80410D07 = unknown (possibly wlan)

80410D09 = A connection error has occurred.

80410D11 = A connection error has occurred (during test connection)

80410D16 = network errors

DADADADA – Running a FW Update in DAX custom FW

80010087 – Error reading UMD or UMD not present

80110305 – Load failed. The Memory Stick could not be accessed

FFFFFFFF – PSP update failed

UKN9000001 – update cant start, data corrupt

80020148 – Unsupported PRX type | This error also seems to appear when you are running an iso with a fake mem. Stick

98765432 – Selected a language who’s font has been removed. DAX FW ONLY ERROR!

8001006F – Remote Play connection error. Most likely when no PS3 is sending a signal over your network.

800200D1 – Ran homebrew without Homebrew enabled firmware.

8002014C – Ran kxploited homebrew without Homebrew enabled firmware.

80020321 – Ran a game that doesn’t support NO-UMD* (DAX FW ONLY!)

80110404 – Network error, try restore default settings to fix

CA000005 – keys.bin not found when trying to run a PS1 game.

80000004 – its just a general error code that the PSP spits out when it doesn’t understand something… could mean anything really.

80110307 – Load Failed There is no Data available

80010002 – Putting the POPS EBOOT in the wrong folder

80000001 – Got it when trying to run PSP filer version 3.6 on 3.40* firmware

00000001 – WiFi error. Occurs when no access points are detected in official 3.7X and custom 3.7X firmware.

80410A0B – Loose WiFi card

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