Free NX Codes for Nexon Online Games

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Nexon is one company that has made a name for themselves over the recent years for offering great free MMO-style games.  These games include: Combat Arms, Dungeon Fighter Online, and Maplestory (which is argue-ably the most popular free MMORPG on the net.) These games don’t cost anything to play and can be downloaded from their respected websites.  Despite them being free, they still offer a “premium” way to enjoy the game.  Although it’s optional, those who buy this virtual currency, known as NX, will be at a great advantage over players who don’t use it. NX in Nexon games will allow you to usually get “leet items.” Expect to cough up anywhere from $10 to $25 for an NX Card (10,000 NX cards cost $10 and 25,000 NX costs $25.) 
Luckily there are some ways to get free NX codes without having to spend a dime.  The website I typically use is This website lets you to take fast surveys to get free nx cash.  Depending on your location in the World, you can receive your free nx card within a couple hours of qualifying.  Your free nx code is sent to you by email soon after you request it.
So what makes this site great? It offers you a way to get unlimited free NX.  You can go back multiple times to get as much free NX as you need! You can also earn a little extra NX by telling your guild-mates Anytime they complete a survey, you get points towards your next free nx card.  It really is that simple.

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