How To Correctly Split Down A Basketball Game Movie

By Joe Jessop

For high faculty basketball coaches, breaking down game film can be very disheartening because of the needs of instructing in a classroom as well.  Immediately after all…basketball coach is just not your only position.  Listed here are 6 rapid suggestions to enable you break down game film far more successfully so you are not spending so several hrs staring at a display screen.

  1. Begin by observing the defensive close of the ground very first.  It is amazing what you will discover about your team and the above-all game by focusing on the protection part of the game.  I will virtually quickly ahead each individual possession to the defensive side so that I you should not get caught up and side tracked by the offensive side of the ground (this is very straightforward to do).  When I quickly ahead to only 1 part of the game I turn out to be very focused and it only will take about twenty-thirty minutes to break down the protection and have some strong notes published in my basketball coaching planner.  Up coming, I will do the very same factor with the offensive close of the ground.
  2. Never get bogged down in each individual solitary possession.  As coaches we have a tendency to browse far too much into the breakdown of each individual possession.  The game of basketball moves far too quickly and there is very minor if any changeover time.  Hence, if you focus on each individual possession you will get slowed down in particulars and it will just take hrs upon hrs to finish observing game film.  The key is to look for overall crucial tendencies.  For illustration:  When I am breaking down the defensive close I may possibly discover that my team is not having away the baseline travel.   I will note that in by basketball coaches planner and make certain I implement the drills in follow arranging to deal with the challenge.
  3. Look at the game film with your gamers.  Arrive up with three defensive rules and three offensive rules for your team to focus on throughout your film session.  Make copies of your blank film break down webpages from your basketball coaching planner and hand them out to your team to use though they enjoy.  Question them to make their personal notes about the three offensive keys and three defensive keys as they perspective the film.
  4. Do not enjoy the full film with high faculty athletes from begin to finish.  Use the very same system with them that you did when you ended up breaking it down.  Only present them the defensive close and then the offensive close.  Again…this will allow them to focus in on what you want them to get out of the film.  Only pause it and more break it down on 4 or five possessions so they you should not get sick of observing the film.
  5. Your film session with your gamers should really be no far more than forty five minutes long.  Gamers will reduce focus then the session gets a squander of time rather than a productive and favourable understanding knowledge for you and your gamers.  Notify them it will only be forty five minutes and then stick to it.  Understand how to turn out to be obvious and concise.  It will turn out to be your most crucial skill in becoming a prosperous basketball coach.
  6. Keep keep track of of your filming notes in a spot that you can easily access and evaluate them.  This will make breaking down the following film even a lot quicker and less complicated.  I use my basketball coaching planner.  It is really a good way to hold myself organized with follow options, game options, scouting experiences, and film classes.

If you will comply with these essential suggestions for breaking down game film it will turn out to be enjoyable and straightforward for you ensuing in far more good results for you and your team.

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