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Will Ipads Really Replace Waitstaff Someday

Employment of technology is greatly influencing almost every scope of economy. The reason for this is rather simple and obvious; people are ever looking for ways to improve their overall approach of their day to day life as well as cut on the overall cost while at the same time they improve on the efficiency. This piece looks keen on how technology has changed the waitstaff job in restaurant. In case you own or manage one or several, you should be taking a quick scan of areas which you can enhance by using technology. For you to emerge with a superb approach which will take your business to the next level, you have to start with the evaluation of the current problems which your business in encountering. This should provoke your thoughts to closely look at areas which have been derailing your business for a long time. This is obviously the waitstaff department. Sometimes, you have been losing key employees who your regular customers were used to. A new waitstaff will not definitely easily connect to them or will not give them the service they normally receive under the custodian of the already gone employee. It is obviously difficult to serve every customer who gets into your restaurant in a real-time manner; some time if they find all waitstaffs busy they may take several minutes before they are served. Impatient customers or the ones which are in a hurry don’t take this lightly; they end up being you one time client, they hardly come back. Close monitoring of your staff also becomes hard and you may not even know how each of the waistaff is handling your employees. Some will have a very good approach as well as relationship with your clients while some of the will trickle job stress to your highly valued customers. Now you can feel the mega disadvantages which come with the manual management. You may think that the solution to this is to fire some of them but many customer, especially the regular ones are not comfortable with restaurants which have very high employee turnover. If you look at all these discrepancies they are obviously very expensive; just have a look at the sound alternative to these series of menaces.

Take an example of this; a customer gets into your restaurants and directly makes an order from an Ipad. This means that some customers may take some time before being attended; the mess trickles to some being given wrong orders.

With the above highlights in mind, it is sagacious to employ restaurant management system which integrates the entire restaurant into a single click order and instant deliveries. This is where the argument comes in whether Ipads will one day replace humans. The truth is; as people look for more efficient and cheap ways to do business, they will definitely do in various fields, waitstaff being one of them.

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