Mafia War Cheats – Combine Proven Strategies and Cheats

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To gain the advantage over fellow competitors or be able to advance through the game quicker most people employ secret codes or cheats. This is the case especially with PC games online and now with games on facebook. One game that has gain popularity due to the growth the social media giant is Mafia Wars and like normal PC game fans are trying to find best Mafia Wars Cheats or secret codes to growing the mobs. Most are using scripts that programmers have created to automate the recruiting of friends but some of these are not very good and tend not to work. Don’t get me wrong cheats can be handy but when combined with proven strategies it can make you even more powerful.

The idea is to grow your family and try to invite as many family and friends to join your mob. This can be done in so many ways without the need of using scripts that might not work. One strategy that can grow your mob quickly is encouraging you friends to invite their friends or simple inviting anyone that invites you to their mob to do the same and join your mob. These simple techniques can make to process go viral and do the work even when you’re not on facebook.

Building wealth within your family or mob is another strategy that is far better than Mafia War cheats. To overcome your enemies you need a steadfast defense that can withstand any attacks from competing mobs. Assuming you are the chef or boss of the mob it is essential to arm your fellow memberships with weapons strong enough to repel any raids from other gangs, basically the better the weapons and equipment the more likely you will dominate. In order to do this you need wealth which increases as your mob continues to grow, the more wealth the better the weapons as they say! Implementing this method is more beneficial on the long run rather than rely on some quick fix cheat.

You’re most likely asking yourself now how to do you build wealth in the game if you dont use Mafia wars cheats. Well there are several ways – like doing multiple jobs and also building up a property portfolio. Property is the best option to building weatlh quickly. Knowing that your mob will be relatively new you’re funds will be next to nothing but if you manage to purchase cheap properties using your relations in the mob in time you can build enough wealth to buy the more expensive and profitable properties. These assets should be setup to make you multiple income streams for building wealth within the family, the last thing you want is liabilities that will take out of your pockets instead in putting it in!.

Many Mafia war members have found success using certain points strategies to dominate and kill off competitors. The longer you play the game and gather experience you also collect game point too, this is allocated by the godfather and these points can used to strengthen your power, defense, attacks and even energy. For example, you if have a reasonable amount of points you can elminate attackers by buying more defense with your points or destroy oppostion by spending money on attack. If you need to find more work and generate funds then you can buy points to enhance energy which can help your members complete more jobs and money making assignments.

Learning how to implement effective strategies will help you gain an advantage over your mates and rivals, Mafia wars cheats are useful but if you combine them with some good mafia war strategies you can eventually dominate your friends and become virtually unstoppable.

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