NDS GBA Emulator For DSi Media Player iPlayer or DSiPlayer v1.0 Released

NDS GBA Emulator For DSi Media Player iPlayer or DSiPlayer v1.0 Released

Darkchen has officially lifted the lid on his Game Boy Advance emulator specially designed for the iPlayer slot-1 media player. After bringing you the news two days ago, GBAtemp is now proud to announce the release of his amazing piece of work. iPlayer owners can now find the download, including installation instructions, at the link below.

Let me reiterate that this emulator will work ONLY on the iplayer – it uses the extra on-board hardware found on the iPlayer to give the DS/DSi the extra juice needed to be able to emulate the GBA successfully. It will not work on any other flash kit .

– Video & Audio
Graphic size: Original size
Game fast forward: default is off. The frame skip level will be set into 9 when you turn on it, then you can play games with the fastest speed
Frame skip type: default is auto, you can set it into Manual, then you can set the frame skip level
Frame skip level: the higher level the faster game speed
Sound switch: switch on/off the sound

– Save State
Write game state: limited 32 slots
Read game state: read saves with the screenshot and date


– Cheats
Supports Pro Action Replay/Gameshark codes.
Put the cheat files into /Gamecht/

– Tools
Screen snapshot:
Save the pics as .png format into /Gamepic/
Supports auto display pics

– Others
Supports Auto standby
Supports CHT/ENG

Suggest to format microsd card into FAT format, it’s faster :p

How to use:
1st, Make sure the fireware and OS of your iPlayer is the lastest version
2nd, There are CHT/ENG 2 emulators in the zip file. Install the one which fit your iPlayer
3rd, Copy the whole NDS-GBA folder and files into /_system/

English http://gbatemp.net/index.php?download=7124

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More about the DSi iPlayer:

The groundbreaking media player for Nintendo DSi & DS Lite, iPlayer, has been launched. The iPlayer is mainly for playing media files and homebrew applications on Nintendo DSi, DS Lite & DS consoles. The built-in CPU & RAM on the curcuit of the cart can decode video files directly. This is to make up the shortfall of the processor on the DSi / DS Lite console, which has very limited processing power. That means there is no more file converting. Video files of all the popular formats can be played directly on DSi, DS Lite and DS without going through the tedious file conversions.

The supports the following popular video formats: DivX, Xvid, Quicktime, Windows Media video, Realmedia, MPEG, ASF, VOB and Flash. The resolution supported is  640 X 480 or lower. The code rate is 2000 or lower. Three displayed modes are available: original, standard and full screen.

Audio files supported are Mp3, Wma, Ape, Flac, Wav, Aac, Ogg, Ra, and M4a.

iPlayer supports DLDI, which means fans could develop their own homebrews, and could also use the existing homebrews, such as DSOrganize,Moonshell, DSxReader, Reno Studio and so on.

Where to buy:


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