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If you are in the mood to blow some heads off and are looking for free online games to play then you should probably take a look at the various Army games that BGames has made available for free on their website.

Bgames lineup of free online games puts the gun in your hand and bullets in your pocket.  No need to spend a fortune just to shoot some zombies or blow up a few terrorists.  Bgames provides a way for you to do it for free.  The Bgames website not only provides games but allows for user reviews so you can see which games are popular, which get good reviews, and which are just kind of “meh”.  Here is a condensed list of some of the more popular Army games that Bgames has to offer:

  • Sniper Duty.  This game mimics the first person shooter role you find in pricier games like Call of Duty.  Sniper Duty gives you sixty seconds to take out as many bad guys as possible.  You earn points for accuracy and placement.
  • Zombies in the Shadows.  This game is 28 Days and 28 Weeks Later with you in the driver’s seat.  The Bureau of Natural Disasters has called to inform you that you are stuck in a zombie infested neighborhood with no help arriving for twenty minutes.  You must stay alive until the helicopter comes to rescue you.  Grab your weapons and start blowing out zombie brains!
  • Dark Base – Incubation.  In this Resident Evil like scenario, you have arrived at a dark and deserted military base.  You need to not only uncover what has happened, but fight off the various monsters lurking around.
  • Effing Terrorists.  Time to kill some more bad guys.  Grab your pistol and start shooting!
  • Assault Day.  The game lets you upgrade weapons based on skills and advancement in the battlefield map that you have been dropped down into.  You must siege the area, stay alive, and hopefully secure the perimeter.
  • Counter Force.  Another first person shooter game with some edge.  Grab a pistol or assault rifle and start shooting!
  • America Strikes Back.  This game allows you to wage war on air, land, and sea as you defend American lives from the Axis of Evil.

Free online games don’t have to only be about making friends and alliances.  You can also to put down zombies, break bad on terrorists, and take out the perps.  Sites like Bgames give you the opportunity to play realistic first person shooter games without having to pay $56 every 8 months.

Army games and first person shooter games are always popular.  Look at the success of Call of Duty and Fallout.  People literally wait outside in line to buy copies on the day they drop.  And while these are both incredible games, they are also incredibly expensive.  Free online games may be so lifelike that you actually feel the blood spatter, but they’re close and, best of all, they’re free.

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