ten Rare and High priced Nintendo 64 Video games

The Nintendo 64 isn’t going to have a ton of scarce online games but has really a couple online games that are very common so fetch a pretty significant rate even though hundreds of thousands of copies offered.  Underneath is a list of the rarest and most high-priced N64 online games and why they are so expensive.

1. Worms Armageddon – $sixty
A system game on the Nintendo 64, which ended up not prevalent on the process.  The game failed to market well when released but is pretty exciting and numerous gamers want to engage in it.  The minimal provide and significant demand make this the most high-priced game on the N64.

two. Clay Fighter sixty three 1/3 Scultpor’s Minimize – $fifty
A follow-up to the very first sixty three 1/3 game, Sculptor’s Minimize was a Blockbuster Online video unique.  For the reason that of the unique launch it did not market pretty well and is viewed as the rarest Nintendo 64 in terms of the number of copies created.  Boxed copies are very difficult to discover for the reason that Blockbuster retailers you should not normally maintain the packing containers for online games they rented.

3. Ogre Fight 64 – $45
Ogre Fight is just one of the couple RPG’s on the Nintendo 64.  Atlus, the publisher, is infamous for small production runs and Ogre Fight was no exception.  The game is pretty sought after by RPG supporters and Atlus game collectors.

4. Harvest Moon 64 – $38
Harvest Moon is a farming and adore simulation game.  For the reason that of it really is pretty specialized niche style, the game failed to market pretty well but the collection has a cult like next.  It is just one of the harder online games to discover on the Nintendo 64.

5. Mario Party 3 – $33
Mario Party 3 came out in close proximity to the conclusion of the Nintendo 64’s life in late 2001.  It did not market as well as the past Mario Party online games, but nonetheless offered practically 1 million models.  The game is not difficult to discover, but is pretty common with N64 entrepreneurs so is nonetheless really high-priced.

six. Bomberman 64 2nd Attack – $thirty
Bomberman 64 2nd Attack is a sequel to a game that failed to market pretty well possibly.  2nd Attack is really scarce for the reason that it released at the conclusion of the Nintendo 64’s recognition.  A lot of gamers had by now moved onto newer devices so it failed to market pretty well.

7. Conker’s Terrible Fur Working day – $thirty
Conker’s was also damage by releasing in late 2001.  Inside just one 12 months of its launch the Nintendo 64 was discontinued.  The game was gained pretty well critically and is viewed as just one of the best online games on the N64 graphically.

8. Tremendous Smash Bros. – $29
Tremendous Smash Bros. offered practically 3 million models in the US so it is not scarce, but it is very common.  It is a combating game with Nintendo people and has pretty fundamental controls but nonetheless has lots of depth.

9. Starcraft 64 – $29
Starcraft is an additional system game in the top 10.  It is the only serious-time system game on the N64 but offered inadequately.  The game is nonetheless superior but is hampered by poor controls with the N64 controller.

ten. Tremendous Bowling – $28
This game had a pretty small print run and failed to market well so it was in no way created all over again.  It is just one of the far more scarce online games on the list but is not pretty common so it isn’t going to appear any higher than the tenth location.

Now that you know the most scarce and high-priced online games for the Nintendo 64 be certain to maintain an eye out for them when you go game buying or cleansing out your outdated game selection.  You you should not want to market just one of these for a couple of bucks at a garage sale when it is a collectible.

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