The Key Elements of Great Classes

The Key Elements of Great Classes

STEM Education: Is It Really Worth It?

Lots of doubt has plagued STEM education despite the hype surrounding this education model. Before deciding on the education route that your child should embark on, it would be good to do some research. In this article, we take a closer look as to why STEM education has failed to deliver a good result as anticipated.

The subjective nature of the education model is something to worry about. Your kid will only be interested in this should they have a soft spot for Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math. If these are subjects that make your young one run like a bat straight from hell, it is probably not the best option. Keep in mind that there are kids that emerge successful in other subjects and being part of STEM program will at times be a big hindrance.

The absence of apposite student learning guidelines with this approach is part of why STEM is a big letdown. Don’t be shocked to learn of how the curriculum will differ if you were to compare what is being offered in the different schools. It is no wonder that STEM is not able to offer the proper linkage for a student that is heading to college due to the many inconsistencies.

It is along the same lines that there lacks proper teacher certification. This means that you are never sure whether what your kid is being taught is really worth it. This is disadvantageous in today’s competitive world and you will be better off enrolling your bundle of joy in an educational system that will benefit them down the line. This is something that you cannot be sure about considering this is a program that lacks national standards.

Experts say that STEM comes with reduced efficacy as it starts at middle school instead of elementary school. For a student to probably make it through this program, it would be better if the journey started at elementary school. This is in light of the fact that it helps in imparting the required skill-set in comprehending matters that are rather complex. Beginning this while at middle school is tantamount to introducing new ideologies to a student that had already decided on what they would want to pursue in the education world.

What is more, students that do not perform as expected will in most cases get left out. The STEM program has been seen to be more of an elitist approach where students that are well prepared will succeed but those that are not will be lagging way behind. Experts caution that STEM is yet to learn the art of lending a hand to struggling students that only need some little input so as to soar high.

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