Top Steps to Prepare for Corporate Headshots

Although most people are aware that corporate headshots can be an asset on their social media profiles, many aren’t aware of how to get professional looking shots. While the number one way to do this is to work with a professional, there’s still a few tips that can help the person get the best photo possible.

Prepare Ahead of Time

The person is going to want to schedule their photos far enough in advance if they have an event coming up or if they’re going to be doing a lot of networking in the near future. Even if they don’t have an occasion planned, it’s a good idea to leave at least a week for the photos to be finished and delivered. This isn’t something that should be rushed.

Talk to the Photographer About Preferences

When the appointment is scheduled, take the time to talk to the photographer about their preferences for clothing, backgrounds, and anything else that will be in the photo. The person isn’t going to want to choose a black shirt to wear and then have their photo taken in front of a black background. By making these choices early, the person has plenty of time to prepare.

Choose the Right Outfit

The person will want to make sure they choose the right outfit, beyond just the color. They’ll want to make sure the shirt they’re wearing looks professional. They may also want to make sure it coordinates with ties, jewelry, or anything else that will be in the photo as well.

Arrive at the Location Early

On the day of the photo shoot, it’s important to arrive early. Even if a person looks fantastic when they leave the house, they might need to touch up a bit before taking photos. Plus, there’s always the chance there will be more traffic than usual or the person will have trouble finding the location. Arriving early helps combat these issues.

Following these tips can help anyone get a better photograph to use for their social media profiles. Since profiles like LinkedIn are a major way to connect with others in the same field, this should be at the top of everyone’s to-do list. Contact a professional today for your headshot so you can make sure it stands out.

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