What is Castle Age?

Most people have a Fb account these days.  If you have been a regular user of Fb, then you have most possibly found an ad or have been requested to perform the game Castle Age.  You may possibly be thinking what Castle Age is all about?  Why is it so well-known?  Are there any good ideas to help a beginner get begun?  This article will protect exactly these thoughts.

Castle Age is a MMO (massively multiplayer on the internet) game.  It is hosted by Fb, which is why you see all the advertisements and requests.  As a player in the game you are on a quest in which you can discover the land, team up with buddies to fight monsters, or invade and duel other Castle Age gamers.  The move of the game is turn-based mostly.  This similar formula has been utilised with other effective on the internet games this sort of as Mafia Wars.  Every single gamers turn is based mostly on time (i.e. you can only carry out a transfer every single 5 minutes).  On the other hand, this is not useful for all people as it would choose a great deal of time to carry out only a several turns.  This is where by the developers have launched the concept of turn accumulation where by you can accumulate electricity when you are offline.  Then when the player arrives back on the internet, they can use the electricity all up to carry out several turns.

One of the causes Castle Age is so well-known is mainly because it is hosted by Fb.  As of December 2009, Fb has more than 350 million end users!  Additionally, this game is entirely totally free.  Given these information, the game is sure to be well-known!  Couple that with the actuality that this game makes a fantasy planet where by gamers can do whatever they want!

When starting out in Castle Age, a player must concentrate on developing a huge military and rising income.  By rising income and military measurement, it will let you to purchase additional weapons and armour and get additional fights.  Fighting in Castle Age occurs in the variety of duelling or invading.  Duels give improved possibilities to all those that have a little military but higher private stats.  Invasions give a improved change to all those with a huge military and good gear.  Also, if you get in an invasion, you will get a great deal additional loot.

For additional info and ideas on Castle Age, take a look at the Castle Age Tutorial!

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