Where To Start with Dating and More

Where To Start with Dating and More

Tips for Communication in a Relationship

It is after breakups that many people discover just how effective communication is a necessary ingredient in their relationships. The tips highlighted next will be useful to you if it is your intention to keep the flame of your union burning for long.

The art of listening is one of the core pillars of effective communication in relationships. That is, however, not the case for many people who do most of the talking when discussing matters with their partners. Effective communication can only take place if both partner talk and listen to each other actively. Listening actively requires you to focus, be objective, and rephrase what he or she is saying to capture and digest the point being relayed effectively. It is not listening subjectively and passively because such traits often lead to miscommunication and reading unintended meanings of the speaker.

Always aim for clarity in your written or spoken communication unless your partner has mind reading abilities. That means that you should not assume that what you are putting across is obvious because your partner could be clueless about the subject matter under discussion. If you are sad, emotional, or happy, opt for words because they are clearer than actions.
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Silence or failure to communicate is a relationship killer. Even when angry, sending him or her birthday meme images and pictures will tell your partner that you are still together despite the current situation. Such a move will ease the hardline stance that any party may be having; leading to a compromise later on.
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The use of “I” statements should be habitual when discussing matters that may threaten to suck the life off your relationship or when expressing feelings of love, hurt, anger, and fear. Also, such statements are useful because your utterances will not come out as attacks on your partner. Your other half will be appreciative because he or she will know that you are expressing your deepest emotions.

Questions are always better than statements because they strengthen bonds, unlike the latter which tend to provoke anger. Statements also indicate that your mind is made up and are uncaring about the real state of affairs. The use of questions places you in a position of someone who is interested in knowing every aspect of your partner. A man should learn about the questions to ask a girl, especially in new relationships because it is guys who usually make the first moves.

Lastly, always be truthful in your communication. Honesty will make your words complement your actions. As much as being honest may lead to hurt feelings, it is the magic ingredient of long-lasting relationships.

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